Memories of Andy Pitts

By his mother, Catherine W. Pitts


From: Catherine W. Pitts

Date: Wednesday, May 07, 2003 12:33:56 AM

To: Edward, John

Subject: John, I gotta tell you this one. A Mother's Day Gift


John, I have written to you a few times in the past and told you about my son, and the things that he has done since he crossed over in Oct. 2001. He was an electronics genius, and together we ran the first Internet Services in Winston-Salem, NC. We offered Email and Usenet feeds in 1985, and in 1994 we brought the Internet to our area. We had to close down the business in 2001 because of fierce competition from big business. My son, Andy was on dialysis for 23 years, and he had no belief system. But several people warned me about 3 months before he passed that we should be watching your show, and since your show followed a Scifi program that he watched regularly, he started watching you. You made a believer out of him prior to his death.


In earlier writings to you I told you about how he made a stop light start blinking on Thanksgiving say in 2001, and how he made the light that was a part of the overhead fan burn without any help from the rest of us during an 80th birthday party for me. All of that, and more is on his memorial page that I directed you to see several months ago. I doubt that you have had time to read it. Then I told you that I have learned to communicate with him, and several months ago he told me to go to the old kitchen in this house (there are two kitchens here, but I use only one) and light the pilot lights because they had gone out. I went in there and did as he told me to do because the pilot lights had indeed gone out.


Two days ago he did another amazing thing. This is the latest. While I was listening to one of your tapes, the second tape in the 6 cassettes that I bought from you, I heard a tune being played, and thinking that it might have been in the background of your tape I backed up the tape, and the tune was not coming from your cassette. I thought about it for several hours before I remembered that little tune, a little ditty, came from the cell phone in my purse, which was sitting on the floor beside my chaise lounge.


Yesterday I was having supper with a friend in a neighborhood restaurant, and the friend asked me if I had found the source of the tune. When I told him that it must have come from my cell, he asked if I had looked at the cell to see who was the last caller displayed on my cell. I told him that I was not that familiar with my Cell phone, so I handed the phone to my friend, and told him to see who it was. He punched a few buttons, then sat and stared at the little display on the phone, and, seeing the puzzlement on his face I said, "who was it?" He did not answer, but handed the phone to me. (First let me explain that I am using the cell phone that was my son's prior to his crossing over. He had programmed my home phone number into his phone.)


The display on the phone said "Mother Hom" and my phone number.


I looked at my friend, and said, "How did that get there?" He just looked at me blankly. I said "Andy?" And he nodded.


Now, let's analyse this. If a call had been made to me from the cell phone it would have been my home phone that would have rung, but it was the cell phone that played the tune that I had heard originally. So, the Cell phone showed my name and number, rang itself, and displayed my identity. When I got home, I looked at the display on the phone again, and he had added another bit to the phone number. It then read, "Mother Hom" and above the word Mother were two little hearts, one touching the other. I noted this was 5 days before Mother's Day. He was telling me that he loves me and giving me a Mother's day gift.


As you have said many times, if we will pay attention, our loved ones are with us all the time. I realize that my son is orchestrating my life. And I love it. I know that when I finish the work I have been sent here to do, I will join him in the spirit world. I have learned to meditate and have a conversation with him.


You are doing great work, John. Congratulations!!!.


Catherine Pitts. for the memorial


On Saturday evening, Nov. 2nd, 2002, I had asked Andy to come be with me on my 80th birthday, and to let my guests know that he was here. The following is what happened.

I woke up Sunday morning, on my 80th birthday, and saw the light in the fan come on. I elected to leave the light on for the day, on the assumption that Andy had turned it on. I was still in bed and no where near the remote control. I did not find this too strange, for Andy has often let me know that he is with me. I smiled, and said, out loud, "Good morning, Andy."

As the day progressed and guests started arriving, the light would, at times go off and come back on, without any help from anyone .It was as if he was recognizing the arrival of another guest. We got to the place that we would say, "Andy's here". One of the husband's of a cousin had not known Andy in life, announced that he was an engineer, and that there were filiments in the light bulb-- at which point our friend, Jeff Wallace, interrupted and said, "Andy was an engineer and he knows about filaments, Jim. He knows all about them. The lights coming on and off are not due to the filaments, they are being manipulated by Andy. He is with us today."

Later in the evening, about 8 PM after everyone had left, I spoke with my next door neighbor and learned that the reason they had not come to my open house was because the children were sick with colds. I told her to send her husband down for some cake when he got home from work, which was about 10:30 PM. When he got here the light in the fan started coming off and on at a rather regular pace. Andy had known Robert, the neighbor, and was especially glad to see him. I got tired of the light's activity, so I turned it off using my remote. It immediately came back on. I tried to turn it off again, but it would not respond to my commands from my remote control. I gave up, knowing Andy still wanted the light on.

After Robert left, I got ready for bed, and noted that the light was now turned off. I told Andy how much I had enjoyed his visit with me on my birthday, and I went promptly to sleep. If the light came on during the night, it did not wake me. This morning I checked to see if it was now responding properly to commands from the remote, and it is behaving like it is suppose to. The light has not come on during the entire day. It was definitely Andy's way of wishing me a Happy Birthday. This was witnessed by guests.

Catherine W. Pitts <
Winston-Salem, NC 27103 USA



Today, Tuesday, is the 2nd day after my birthday party. I am going to illustrate how Andy orchestrates my life. When I woke this morning, I took my usual nature call, then took my early morning pills, then laid back down on the bed to wait for the pills to kick in. While there, I was sort of in a twilight zone, half asleep and half awake, when my phone gave its usual Andy ring. Let me explain. An Andy ring sounds like the phone sounds in your ear through the receiver when it is ringing someone's phone. It is more like a buzz in tone, but definitely a ring-a- ding, tho' a short ring. Certainly unlike the usual ring. This usually happens when Andy wants to warn me that someone is coming, so "get out of bed, Mother". I looked at the monitor, and saw nothing in my driveway. Lowered my head back to the pillow, and about 2 minutes later I heard a little shrill ring with a hic-cup sound. I raised my head again, then lowered my head back to the pillow. Two minutes later, it was repeated. With that , I got out of bed, muttering, "Andy, ok. I'll get up." We both knew that I had several running-around chores to do. I got things together, and went out and about my business. Finishing up my chores by going by the voting booth to vote, today being a voting day. I then went to Arthur's restaurant for a late breakfast, early lunch, then home. I was home just long enough to change my clothes, when my electricians arrived, to do some things I had called them about. I knew they were coming one day this week, but did not know which day. In retrospect, I realize that Andy knew that Dennis Fowler, the electrician, was coming by, and he was making sure that I got my chores done and got home in time to be here when he came. That is how he orchestrates my life. I like it !!!


Today, November 14,2002
I was still up at 1:46 AM when the light in the fan came on. It had not come on voluntarily since my birthday on November 3rd. I smiled, and said hello to Andy. I went on to bed, leaving the light on, figuring Andy would turn it off whenever he wanted to. Then at 3:30 AM I woke for a nature call, and the light was still on. I brought the remote to bed with me. Andy would not let me turn off the light, but the light become brighter with each attempt to turn it off. After 5 attempts, it reversed, and started getting dimmer. Finally he let me turn it off. I went back to sleep.

At 10:50 AM he turned the light on again. I spoke to him, then pressed the off button, and it turned off. I called Jeff Wallace, and told him about Andy's manipulations with the light in the fan, to which Jeff said, "Andy has found a way to communicate with you." I thought to myself, I have been believing that Andy was simply telling me that he was here, but I have not tried to converse with him. I decided to give it a try. At 11:10 AM it came back on, and I said, "Andy, I am going to try meditating and try to tune in to you." The light was still on.

At that point, I made myself comfortable in my chaise lounge, put my head back on the back rest, closed my eyes and tried to clear my mind. I reminded him that his dad crossed over two years ago today, and he said that he saw him yesterday. I asked if he was ok, and he said yes. He said that he has been with my parents, his grandparents, and they were sending their love to me. I asked him to tell them that I love them, also. I asked why he was free today, and he said that he had this day off. I asked if he was happy, and he said that he is. He agreed that this is a good way to communicate with each other. We decided to close the conversation, but not before he said, "I love you, Mom" and I told him that I love him too. Then I cut off the light. It is now 9:50 PM, and the light has not come on again today.

Friday, November 15, 2002
When I woke up this morning at about 8:50, the light in the fan was on. I tried to clear my mind, to communicate with andy, but I was too sleepy to do that successfully. I tried to go back to sleep, but Andy was persistent. Finally, I got up and got something to eat so that I could take my morning pills. Then I tried to go back to sleep, but again, Andy kept my mind so agitated that I could not sleep. Finally, with a sigh, a rose and went to my chaise Lounge, prepared myself for meditating, and received a message from Andy to go to the kitchen, to the gas stove, and re-light the pilot lights. They had been extinquished for some reason, and were leaking gas into the kitchen. I told him that I would do that later, and he said, emphatically, NO. Go do it now. I did, and he was right. The pilot lights were not lit, so I lit them and came back into the room to see what else I could do.

Yesterday I asked Andy if he could tell us where we could find the comic book inventory in his computer. At this point he told me to tell Doug Drye (Doug has Andy's Unix computer) to go to the Unix computer and to Drive C: \andy\presonal\*.col. Andy always had a problem with spelling. I sent the message to Doug, but have not heard back to see if that worked. It would blow my mind if it did work..


At this point I am not going to write anything else about Andy's activities from the spirit world. If anyone is interested, you can call me for a report. I don't want everyone to think that I am totally out of my mind. :-)

This is another report that Andy is still around.  For example, the other day I was making some tea.
I use a 3 qt. tea maker. I had put in the tea, and the 3 qts. of water, then while it was brewing I
went into the living room to read my paper. About 10 minutes later I noticed several noises coming
from the direction of my kitchen, noises like a snapping of your finger, little tap on the wall, etc.
Suddenly I remembered the tea maker. I took care of it, and the noises stopped. I had forgotten the tea
maker. Andy reminded me.

Last night I was changing tape in the security system.  I forgot to punch the "record" button. A short time later I heard noises coming from the VCR. I checked it, and found that I had forgotten to tell it to record. No more noises from there.

Just little things like that. Nothing really note-worthy.  But he is still here. He continues to wake me when he thinks it is time for me to get up in the morning.

Catherine W. Pitts <>
Winston-Salem, , NC 27103 USA - Monday, June 03, 2002 at 08:11:38 (EDT)


Dec. 27th, 2001

My son Andy.

Andy is still with us.

Andy died at 8:28 PM on Monday, October 15, 2001. On Tuesday night the 16th, when I went to bed I made sure that all lights were out. When I rose at 3 AM for a nature call, I noted that all the lights were out. When I rose at 6:30 AM, the lights over Andy's chair in the TV room were on. We do not have any timers in the house that controls lights.

On Thursday, the 18th, while we were at the funeral, my friend, Sue Styers came to the house. She had a key to enter from the back of the house. She went into the front of the house, passing Andy's room on the way, and there were no lights on in the house. When she left about 30 minutes later, she noticed that there was a light on in Andy's bed room.

I have Plug & Play controls in the house. I had set Andy's section of the house on a "B". My section was set on a "K". After the funeral, my section would not respond to the command to turn on lights. I had to re-set my section to a "B" like Andy's section was, then they worked fine.

One night after I had been weeping, I crossed over a section of Andy's TV room, and I cried, out loud, "Andy, I wish you were here so that I could hug you. I don't want to live without you." There were no lights on in that room as I crossed over a corner of the room. Upon my return trip, one of the lamps was on.

On Wednesday, October 31, he turned on another light in his room while I was sleeping. At this point, I am not surprised to find lights on, so I merely said, out loud, "Thank you, Andy, for watching over me."

But the weirdest activity from him was yet to come. On Thanksgiving day, on my way to High Rock Lake to have lunch with my friends there, I was traveling on Ebert Street going toward Silas Creek Parkway. As I approached the stop light it was red. I stopped, then looked up, again at the light, and it was blinking. I was in the left turn lane, with no car either behind me or beside me. As two cars approached, one to my right, one from behind, the light stopped blinking, and stayed red. I just grinned, and said, "Good morning, Andy."

Sometimes, when I am sleeping, he lets me know when a car is coming down the driveway, and/or company is coming. He makes the phone give the sound like it's dialing.

I guess I have been reading and watching too much John Edward (Crossing Over.)


Andy's Mom <
Winston-Salem, NC 27103, USA - Friday, December 28, 2001 at 10:45:28 (EST)

On Sunday, October 28, 2001, Sarah Lehman and I were sitting in my living room and were talking about Andy when the car alarm announced an in-coming car. These alarms are actually door bell chimes hooked up to the detector in the driveway. The tune the old door bell chime played was the little ditty from the movie Close Encounters. For people musically inclined, the ditty is (in piano notes) E-C-D-G, G-D-E-C. When I had the old section of the house re-wired we put in new car announcers (door bell chimes) and that specific little eight-note ditty was not part of the tunes on the new chimes. When Sarah and I heard the car alarm announce that we had an in-coming car it played the old tune, although that announcer was not hooked up. That announcer was laying on the floor in the modem room. Incidentally, there was no car. I can only assume that Andy was telling us that he was with us.

December 15, 2001. Tonight I was talking with Ronnie Abernathy on the phone, and I put him on hold while I went into the office. The phone I picked up in the office was dead. It was a portable Panasonic phone that I had bought for Andy prior to his death. The phone had been working ok. When I checked the batteries I found that one had been installed incorrectly; still it had been working ok. When I put in new batteries it was ok. My question is, could it have worked at all if one battery was installed incorrectly? I think Andy switched batteries.

December 23, 2001. Today is Andy's birthday. Several days ago I ordered a b'day cake for him from Dewey's Bakery, as I usually did. This would have been his 50th birthday. The traffic was very heavy, understandably so, only two days before Xmas. I thought to myself that finding a parking place would be difficult, especially one near by. But as I drove down thru the parking lane there was a parking place right across the street from Dewey's, and neither of the cars ahead of me wanted it. So I spoke out loud, "Thank you, Andy" and pulled into the space. Knowing that I would have to have my hands full when I came out of the store I left my purse in the car, taking only my change purse with me, with a $20.00 bill, a $10.00 bill, a $1.00 bill and some loose change. I thought that would be enough to pay my bill. While there I picked up a package of cheese sticks. When I got ready to pay for my purchases, it totaled $31.66. I knew I had $31.00 in bills but I did not think that I had the 66 cents. Upon checking the change I found that I had 6 dimes hidden under 6 pennies. Which totaled 66 cents. I said, Thank you, Andy.

Between Christmas and New Year's Doug Drye from Georgia, and his friend Charles came up here to finish going through all the computer stuff. They spent two eighteen-hour days working in Andy's rooms. They took Andy's main computer, the RBDC computer with them. But when they disconnected the main computer here it dropped the web site which had been converted to a memorial to Andy. We thought that Frank Mogaddedi had transferred all of that to Vcitynet's computers. On New Year's eve, when I went to bed at 2:30 AM, I was almost asleep when suddenly, at 3:13 AM, there was a loud noise in my section of the house. It sounded like someone had dropped a large book flat on the linoleum in my kitchen. Of course, it woke me. When I told Doug about that the next day he said that was the time that he got Andy's computer back online so that the web site was back up. That night when I went back to bed I found that the light over Andy's chair in the family room was on. Andy had let me know that the web site was back in place.

January 21, 2002. Kip and Melany Cockerham were in my house helping me clean up some of the stuff in the "Modem" room which I am making into a workshop. We were cleaning out the little three drawer bed-side table that had been Andy's bedside table when he was a child. The middle drawer seem to be stuck, but we managed to get it out of its cabinet. It was heavy with "stuff" that had been collecting for many years. We emptied the drawer, with both Kip and me reaching into the drawer to remove stuff. Then Melany took the drawer to get the dust out of the corners. Then we laid in on its side and fixed the side of the drawer so that it would slide in and out easier. Then Kip put it back into the cabinet, testing it, then pulled it back out, only to find a little quarter-inch label inside of the front of the drawer that had a message that read: "Hi there." Kip was overwhelmed. He was amazed. He said, almost shouting, "That was not there a few minutes ago." Melany and I said, Hello, Andy. As I said, he is still with us.

On February 22, 2002, Sarah Key and I had been out together for about 4 hours. When we returned home we found the light over Andy's bed was on. I looked at Sarah and said, "Andy is here."

February 28, 2002. Early this morning, about 1:30 AM, right after I had gone to bed, just as I was closing my eyes, I heard a male voice. It sounded like it came from the Security Monitor, but the voice only said one word. It sounded like he said "Mother." The volume was turned off on the Security Monitor. John Edward says that it takes a lot of energy for them to make a noise, or to come thru in any form. I am most appreciative for both his and Tommy's efforts to let me know that they are around me all the time. It gives me a warm feeling.

April 7, 2002
He must be having himself a ball in the spirit world.  He keeps playing little tricks on me.  About an hour ago I came to the computer to pickup the correct time from Boulder Colo. so that I could re-set my watch and the clocks in the house.  I took off my watch, laid it on the desk in front of the computer until I found the web site that I wanted. When I  was ready to set the watch, I picked it up, looked at it and found that it was set in the 24 hour mode. Where the hour had been 8 PM, it now showed the hour as being 20. My watch is a digital watch, and the little buttons on the side are recessed, not easily bumped.  One must use one's fingernail to push in the little buttons.

Andy always tried to get me to accept the 24 hour system. I merely smiled, spoke out loud and said, Andy why did you do that?  You know that I like the 12 hour system better.

Tonight is April 17, 2002. Remember the correct change when I went into Dewey's Bakery last winter?  This is a similar story.

I have been hanging beads in my house (reminiscent of the 1960's and 1970's) and I was in doubt if I would have enough beads to finish the project.  Imagine my surprise when I ended up with EXACTLY the right amount of beads.  Not one too many, not one less than needed, but EXACTLY the right amount. OK.  There are those who will say that it is a coincidence.  Maybe they are right, but I don't believe it.  It has all the markings of Andy's work. He loves to make me smile.

Today, April 21, 2002.  Today is Sunday, the day that I like to sleep late to catch up for all the missed sleep during the week. When Andy makes my phone ring it has a different tonal quality from the regular ring. At noon today it rang one time.  I looked at the phone to see if the red light was lit, but it was not. No one on the line.  5 minutes later the metal detector in my driveway played a tune, warning me that some one was coming. No one was there.  Usually, when Andy does this, it is to let me know that someone is on their way to visit me, and I should get out of bed and get dressed.  But today, I guess he was just saying hello. I have no doubt
that he was behind these activities.

Andy's Mom <
Winston-Salem, NC 27103, USA