I see that the Bush administration is trying to modify the definition of marriage to either include the gays or exclude the gays, don't know which. However, I came up with my own rule changes. I hope everyone will like them, and send them to the Journal for publication, then on to the WH in order to help Bush.

So, here it is:

Let's talk about marriage

We have had two thousand years to try the old form of the sexes living together, called Marriage. Let's face it. It is outdated. Let's think about another form of commitment, not called marriage.

We, as a people, are reasonably educated. Most of us have had at least a high school education. Most of us have been influenced by the Judeo-Christian beliefs, whether they are true is not open for discussion in this paper. I would like to make several suggestions:

Let's take the scenario of two people dating, same sex, not same sex, not same race -----gay or not gay.---it really doesn't matter ---- just two people who happened to fall in love with each other. They are ready to make some sort of commitment. In my day, it was called going steady. That is still a good phrase for that stage of courtship. Moving from that stage, they would enter into:

Contract # 1. They agree, by signing said contract, to live together for at least two years. At the end of the period, if they have not renewed that contract, it becomes null and void. If they agree to renew it, it then becomes --

Contract # 2. which is a five year commitment. Same thing at the end of that five years-- if they have not renewed it, then it will become null and void. Next stage of commitment will be

Contract # 3. which is for ten years. Bear in mind, the only way to get out of any of these contracts is to let them expire. No divorces. Following the ten-year commitment will come the lifetime commitment --

Contract # 4. By that time, they should have had 17 years, enough time to have matured, to have a few grains of sense in their heads, and to have learned a few things about people and what they want in a marriage.

Children? Today it is easy to avoid having children; birth control pills, etc. If they are stupid enough to conceive some off-spring, then any of the above contracts becomes --

Contract # 5,a. which stays in place until the youngest child graduates from High School. At that point, it becomes null and void unless they choose to renew it. Remember, the only way out of any of the above contracts is to let them expire, or by court order because one of the partners has become physically or psychologically abusive. Then the courts can terminate the contract. The abusive partner will agree to being neutered, and he/she will be forbidden to marry under any contract without court approval.

Contract #5,b. If there are no children, and you have completed contract #4, then you proceed to contract #5,b. This is the rest- of-your-life contract. Again, the only way out of this contract is by courtorder, as explained in Contract #5,a.

There, now. That should eliminate a lot of the divorces, and lighten the burden on the court system. It would be up to the lawyers to smooth out any of the if's, and's or but's, and draw up these contracts.

I welcome any improvements that you may offer, before sending this to the White House to be made into LAW. (smile)