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I started researching my husband's family tree (Pitts) about 1955. As time passed, I, naturally, began researching my parents families, which were Williams (nee Wilhelm) from Cabarrus County, NC, and the Wyatt family, from Delaware and North Carolina.  Both families had migrated into North Carolina in the late 1700's. My father's family, the Williams, brought forth the Bosts, and Litakers, Stockingers, Clarks, and from the Wyatt's we had the Fosters, Bailey's, Sheltons, Copes, and many more.  All my research was saved, and not until I reached the ripe old age of 80 did I bring it to light and start trying to get it on to a web site.  There are many errors, I am sure, but since I started this in the 1950's I was lucky enough to talk with some of those who are now deceased.  For the next several months I will be adding to these records. I hope some of this will be helpful to you.  Please let me know of any errors you find.

Catherine Williams Pitts

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